Season 2017

Wanted – one body!

Wanted - One Body!

By Charles Dyer
Directed by Dave Went






Was it a heart attack or a crime of passion? Is the accused a
victim or a scheming murderer?
In the best Hammer horror tradition, the action takes place
in a classic old dark house set amidst the rising flood waters
and swirling mists on the edge of the lonely marshes. This
is Greenacres, the home of the Barraclough family, to which
come a pair of solicitors to read the will of the late, but not
greatly lamented Mr Barraclough, only to learn that his body
has mysteriously vanished along with the will!
Wanted – One Body! is a classic murder mystery of
disappearing bodies, sliding panels and howls in the night.
A who-dunnit, a thriller – with the accent on laughter – the wit
and thrills create hilarious fun for audience and actors alike.

PERFORMANCE  Dates Nov 17 – Dec 9

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: 8.15 pm Sunday: 4.30 pm