Season 2016

The Accused

the Accused_midBy Jeffrey Archer
Directed by Bernard Teuben.








Was it a heart attack or a crime of passion? Is
the accused a victim or a scheming murderer?
Dr Patrick Sherwood has been accused of
poisoning his wife with a drug acquired by his
supposed mistress. You will need to pay very
close attention to the details presented: the
alibi’s; the stories; the theories; as you, the
audience, will decide the doctor’s fate. Your
verdict will determine the final moments in
this tense courtroom drama. Come and join
the jury in this Old Bailey courtroom, hear
the evidence and choose the ending. Guilty or

You decide!
From the pen of infamous crime writer Jeffrey
Archer, who played the role of Dr Patrick
Sherwood in the London premiere, comes a
courtroom thriller with a difference. There is
no one set ending, rather there is two – and
the audience plays the jury and sets the stage
for the final reveal: was it murder?

PERFORMANCE Dates Nov 18 – Dec 10
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: 8.15 pm Sunday: 4.30 pm

By Arrangement with
Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.