By Nell Dunn
Directed By Meredith Jacobs

Steaming by Nell BunnBook online

April 5 – 27

 “… we’d have a row and then we’d make it up and he’d
cuddle me up and say Josie, I love you … if he hadn’t
got done for the jewellery robbery and got sent down
for fifteen years … I’d have been all right.”

Steaming is set in the “Turkish Room” of a run-down Public Baths in the East End of London, where six women regularly meet to share the most intimate details of their lives, loves, dreams and frustrations. This funny and touching play is full of lively, ribald humour as the women, all from different walks of life must band together to save their ‘Baths’.

Steaming is a heart warming play about fighting for what you believe in.

NOTE: This play contains nudity.


By arrangement with ORiGiN TM Theatrical,
on behalf of Samuel French, Ltd.

Performance times
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday: 8.15 pm Sunday: 4.30 pm