Theatre Bar

We offer complimentary tea, coffee and juice at intermission.

Feeling peckish when you arrive? Purchase a snack (chocolates or chips) or a softdrink or bottle of water.

On a Friday or Saturday night, you can purchase a wine or beer.

Free Parking at the door

Enjoy free parking near the door

Free coffee & Tea

Enjoy a free tee, coffee or juice with a biscuit during intermission.
Or on Friday and Saturday nights purchase a Wine, Beer or snack before the show or during intermission.

Free Program

All audience members are provided with a free program

Save on seeing 5 or 6 Plays

See all 6 plays for only $120, save up to $60
or choose 5 plays for $110, save up to $40.

Secure your seats for each show.


Ticket Exchanges

We offer subscribers a (first) free ticket exchange for each production through the year. This allows you the flexibility to change your arrangements.

Subscriber Events

Throughout the year we have special Subscriber Events, that only subscribers are invited to.