Up for a little radio fun?

Rehearsed Readings

19th & 20th November


Pavilion Players asks you to tune in with your eyes and your ears as it presents… Dracula, adapted for radio by George Lowthar. First presented in 1974 on, CBS Radio Mystery Theatre, it was repeated over 7 years, such was its popularity. In this retelling of the classic horror story by Bram Stoker, the focus is on Mina Harker, concerned over her friend, Lucy who appears to be withering away whilst her husband, Dr John Seward, looks on helpless. A newcomer to the area….Count Dracula, seems personally interested in her condition. Enter Dr Van Helsing and the story unfolds……

Directed by Jason Spindlow and featuring the voice talents of: Paula Searle, Ben Freeman, Steve Rowe, Faith Jessel, Aurel Vasilescu, Penny Johnson,  Holky Bramble, Lyn Jones, and Madhavi Shankarling.

As an entrée to the horror main course we also present: “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century!” This highly popular radio show, based on the comic book of the same name, broadcast for 4 days a week over 15 years. Regarded as the first Science Fiction radio play of the modern era, Buck and his compatriots would fuel the worlds imagination and be a foundation of the much loved science fiction/space opera genre – a direct inspiration for Star Wars and other genre offerings too numerous to mention!

Directed by Dave Went and featuring the voice talents of:  Ben Freeman,  Holky Bramble, Lyn Jones, and Madhavi Shankarling..

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