Season 2018

Neighbourhood Watch

By Lally Katz
Directed by Emma Widenstrom
Kevin Rudd is Prime Minister at home and the US has elected
Barack Obama as President. The world is changing and anything
seems possible.
But for Catherine, an out-of-work actor hung up on her ex-boyfriend,
her world is stuck in suburbia. Her flatmate Ken aspires to be a film
writer, but spends his time playing video games and watching The
West Wing.
Then Catherine meets Ana, an elderly Hungarian immigrant who
is carrying the weight of the twentieth century on her shoulders.
The two strike up an unlikely friendship and Catherine’s life is
transformed by Ana’s stories of survival in the old country.
Both woman are stuck in their own pasts, but this friendship might
just be the spark that helps Catherine deal with her own past and
gives Ana one last great friendship at a time when she feels most

July 27 to August 18

Performance rights for NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH exclusively
licensed by The Yellow Agency, 45/61 Marlborough St
Surry Hills NSW 2010