By Mary Chase
Directed by Meredith Jacobs
The Pulitzer Prize-winning comedy about a charming
gentleman, Elwood P. Dowd and his invisible friend Harvey
. . . a six-foot tall, white rabbit!
When Elwood begins introducing Harvey around town, Veta,
his long suffering sister and her outraged daughter, Myrtle
Mae, decide to have Elwood committed.
Hilarity ensues as Veta, assumed to be on the verge of
lunacy herself is mistakenly committed instead of Elwood.
Eventually, the error is realised, and a frantic search begins
for Elwood by doctors, nurses and a variety of family
and friends. When Elwood eventually shows up at the
sanatorium willing to undergo whatever ‘treatment’ Veta
requests, it is up to invisible Harvey to work some magic of
his own to help Veta realise she prefers Elwood just the way
he is.
April 6 to April 28
Please note there is no performance on April 25