Funny Money

By Ray Cooney

Directed by Julian Floriano

31 Mar – 22 Apr

What would you do if you arrived home from work and discovered that you’d picked up somebody else’s briefcase on the train? Then you opened that briefcase and discovered it contained a cool £735,000 in cash?

Good natured accountant, Henry Perkins, has accidently picked up such a briefcase and his first inclination is to escape to Barcelona with his wife Jean, a richer and happier man! But unforeseeable events intervene. Jean hits the brandy a bit too hard, one of Henry’s brothers is lying in the morgue and the other is apparently moving to Australia, a taxi-driver adds to the confusion whilst two policemen face serious consequences, and a Dutchman arrives with a broken leg wanting his money back. And then things start to get complicated.

Funny Money, turned into a film in 2006 starring Chevy Chase, is a classic stage farce with laughs that build to an epic final curtain.


There is something magical on stage when an ensemble gels so completely that every beat is hit and every interaction feels lived in. This is good theatre, and these are good actors.

4th Wall Reviews

One thing is for sure …  Director Julian Floriano has assembled a talented cast here and has done a great job with this material in his directorial debut with this group.

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