Frock Up and Rock Up!

The set is complete . . .

The costumes are ready . . .

The rehearsals are finished . . .

It’s time to get your tickets for ‘Love Loss & What I Wore!’


From the writer of ‘When Harry Met Sally’ and ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ comes a play that will keep you entertained, make you chuckle and will definitely have you nodding in agreement about the inherent difficulties of handbags!

Five of the Castle Hill Players versatile actors get their best frocks on to deliver heart-warming stories about love, loss and occasionally being a slave to fashion.

The funny and moving story of Gingy’s life is intertwined with stories about Senators in caramel coloured boots, loved mothers in bathrobes, prom dresses, lost shirts and why sometimes we reach for high heels when a pair of flats would be much more comfortable. All this plus original music (written specially for Castle Hill Players) and just enough choreography to keep you on your toes!

If you have ever worn a hand-me-down, debated the virtues of your favourite undies (even though the elastic has long since disintegrated), or argued over how many black dresses one woman needs, this is the show for you.

Come and spend an evening with Annette, Sandy, Mary, Leigh and Kate and let them tell you why they have nothing to wear!

Buy tickets by heading to the Pavilion website: .

We’ll see you there!!