Audition Notice


Communicating Doors

by Alan Ayckbourn 

director Bernard Teuben

Performances: Sept 21th to October 13th  (Previews 17th & 19th  September)

In a near dystopian future, a dominatrix flees for her life through a hotel door only to find herself 20 years in the past!

Stalked by a psychopath in her present, she realises the door provides an opportunity to alter time for the better – and save the lives of two other women murdered by the same man in the past.

Then starts a race as the three women move back and forth in time trying to rewrite history and save themselves from untimely death.

The Play will be set as 2038 / 2018 / 1998


Auditions will be held on Tuesday 12th June. Doors open at 7:30 and auditions start at 8:00.

Auditions will be scenes from the script. You may also be paired with other auditionees. The play is set in a London hotel so an English accent is required.

Contact Details
For a copy of the script or if you have any questions please contact – 0419 265 385

The roles:


Reece (A businessman, aged 30 & 70)

We see Reece in 2-time periods at age 30 and 70, with an English accent. He is frail and apparently with not too long to live, moves with some difficulty. Once a handsome young man, now old before his time and living in constant pain.

Jessica (His first wife, aged 25 & 45)

Jessica is Reece’s first wife and we first see her on her honeymoon and again 20 years later. She is rich, pretty and vivacious.

Ruella (His second wife, aged 45)

A handsome elegant woman, capable and determined with a fierce sense of fairness and honesty and Justice. She and Poopay become fast friends during the play

Julian (His business associate, aged 45 & 65)

A tall powerful man, is a the business partner to Reece and does all his dirty work. He is in good physical shape, well-spoken in a way that suggests that his background could have been vastly different.

Poopay (Phoebe) (A prostitute, aged 33)

Aged 30+ having a fair stab at 25 minus. She is unmistakably a classy but not a high-class hooker.

Harold (A house detective, aged 35 & 55)

The hotel house detective – a lugubrious man who has seen it all – and is a fixture at the hotel.



Note: Castle Hill Players hold  6 auditions each year on a Tuesday night at the theatre. They are advertised two weeks prior on this website.