Performances. Fri 15 Nov – Sat 7 Dec. (Weds,Fri, Sat evenings, Sun matinees)

Auditions for Nell Gwynn will take place on
Tues 18th june. 7.30 for an 8pm start.
Call backs. Tues 25th June .

Auditions are being called early so that cast members can study the script (learn lines) and do historical research. Most of the characters are drawn on real people.

Rehearsals will begin on August 12th
When you read the script – and it’s always wise to do so before auditions – please do not be put off by seeing the company will sing. These characters are rough and ready people who wouldn’t sing beautifully. Don’t be put off and don’t rule yourself out.

Also, you may note that some of the ladies’ roles are only small. I will be doubling up and the whole cast will be on stage most of the time and, of course, there are the songs when the whole cast will be present so if You get a role you’ll be pretty busy.

The play. This is a modern language Restoration romp – saucy, rollicking, naughty, fun!


Nell Gwynn. She is an illiterate girl from Cheapside, a commoner who rises from orange seller, to actress to King’s mistress. She has a sunny disposition, vitality, determination and cheek.
* must be able to hold a tune
* Cockney accent
* 20s

Nancy. A down to earth theatre dresser
* Neutral English accent
* Could be anything from 35 – 55

Rose. Nell’s sister, who has worked in her mother’s brothel. She resents the fact that she isleft to look after her drunken mother but admires Nell’s determination to get on in the world.
* cockney accent
* 20s

Ma Gwynn. Nell’s gin soaked mother. She runs a whorehouse.
* cockney accent
* 50 – 70s

Lady Castlemaine. Charle’s main mistress. She wants to maintain her position for the wealth it bring her, the titles it brings her children and the political influence she has over the King.
* English accent
* 20 – 30s

The Queen. The King’s barren wife who is constantly humiliated by his mistresses who bare his children at the drop of a hat.
* Portugese (Spanish) accent
* 30 – 40s

Louise. A beautiful girl gifted to Charles by Louis XIV for political reasons. An astute young woman who knows what she wants and how to manipulate the King.
* French accent
* 20s

Various hecklers, Ladies in Waiting, Nurse Maids.
Charles Hart. Charismatic lead actor in The King’s Company who ‘discovers’ Nell.
* English accent
* Could be anything from 20 – 40s
Killigrew. The harassed manager/director of the company.
* English accent
* 40 – 60s
Dresden. The insecure playwright who never meets his deadline
* English accent
* 25 – 45

Kynaston. An actor who specialises in the women’s roles. He is aghast at the idea of women on the stage.
* English accent.
* 20 – 30s

Ned Spriggett. A new young, nervous actor.
*. English accent
* late teens to 20s

Charles 11. The dashing, fickle, oversexed King who has opened the theatre’s, taverns and a lively court to England after the austere ruling of Oliver Cromwell.
* English accent
* 30 – 40s

Arlington The King’s hard nosed advisor.
* English accent
* 40 – late 60s

Will Servant in the Palace
Servants and hecklers.

Directed by Jennifer Willison. Please don’t hesitate to contact her on if you would.

– like to read the script
– would like to obtain the audition pieces
-more information regarding performances and rehearsals.