33 Variations

By Moises Kaufmann

Directed by Jennifer Willison

Date: Tuesday 7th February 2023

Time: 7.30pm doors open for an 8pm start

Rehearsals on Mondays and Thursdays to commence February 27

Performances June 2 24 June – Weds/Fri/Sat at 8pm. Sun at 4pm

The Play

Katherine, a musicologist, whilst struggling with MS, is passionate about discovering why Beethoven, struggling with on setting deafness, was determined to create 33 Variations on a mediocre waltz composed by Diabelli when he was only requested to compose one. This beautiful, incredible play is full of music, passion, wit and pathos. Travelling in time between 1820 and the present the parallels of life become abundantly clear.


Auditions are being held early to allow actors to learn their lines before commencing rehearsals and should informal meetings be needed between actors and our wonderful pianist, Andrew.

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Professor Katherine Brant. A musicologist in her 50 – 60s, suffering with multiple sclerosis. She has an absolute passion to discover why Beethoven wished to compose 33 Variations. She has a dislike for mediocrity and, therefore, has a difficult relationship with her daughter. Her illness increases as the play progresses. American

Clara. Katherine’s daughter, late 20’s early 30s. Artistically talented she dislikes being tied down to a particular job for too long preferring to explore new artistic endeavours. She knows she is a disappointment to her mother and desperately wants to help her with her illness and is hurt by her refusal. She is reluctant to begin a relationship with Mike because of her commitment to hopefully nurse her mother. American.

Mike. A nurse in his late 20s – 30s. Is taken by Clara on their first meeting at the hospital and pursues a relationship with her. As Katherine’s illness increases, he becomes a great support to Clara and a hugh help to Katherine. American.

Dr Gertrude. An archivist at the Beethoven Bonn museum, late 30 – any age. At first unhappy about being disturbed at work to assist Katherine, but gradually becoming just as interested in the mystery. She becomes fond of Katherine but does not approve of her attitude towards her daughter. German.

Beethoven. A famous composer who thinks of nothing but his art. He can live without friends, family, money and most importantly his Patrons as long as he is left alone to compose. Much of his ill humour is due to failing health (due mostly the his dependency on alcohol- not specified in the play) and his increasing deafness. He passionately wants to finish his Variations as he knows time is running out. A German in his late 40’s but looks older due to ill health.

Schindler. Beethoven’s unpaid secretary. Encourages Beethoven to take more lucrative work as he is the one dodging the rent collectors and paper, ink and pen suppliers. Looks after Beethoven well and protects him from visitors and the out side world. He calls himself Beethoven’s friend rather than a secretary because he is a social climber in the art world of Vienna. We know from later events in history he wasn’t a very nice character. In historical fact we know Schindler was in his twenties when these events took place but I’m happy to cast the right person into their early 60s. German.

Anton Diabelli. Beethoven’s music publisher. A rather flamboyant character who has a number of famous composers on his books. He becomes more flamboyant as he becomes more affluent throughout the play. He gets increasingly impatient with Beethoven as his compositions don’t materialise but his demand for money does. He’s not very fond of Schindler who acts as a go between between him and Beethoven but sympathisers with Beethoven’s ill health. Diabelli was in his 30s when these events took place but I’m happy to cast 30 – 50s. Also he was German but happy to cast Italian if you think it will add to the flamboyancy.


Please note that as there are so many different accents only a hint will be required. Anything too strong might confuse the audience

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