The Ghost Train – by Arnold Ridley

Adapted by Jocelyn and Nicolas Ridley

Directed by Stephan Snars

Audition: Tuesday 7 May 2024
Time: 7.30pm for a 7.45pm start

Location: The Pavilion Theatre, Doran Drive, Castle Hill

Six passengers find themselves stranded on a stormy night in the waiting room of an isolated railway station in Cornwall. Despite a warning by the station master of dire ghostly consequences, they decide to stay the night. A traditional comedy/thriller set in the 1930s.


Ages are a guide for appearance onstage.

Saul Hodgkin – M 40-60 a stationmaster. Crusty, colourful. Cornish accent perhaps.

Richard Winthrop – M 25-40s a short-tempered business man

Elsie Winthrop – F 25-40s the ever-suffering wife of Richard

Charles Murdock – M 20-30– a young man just married to…..

Peggy Murdock – F 20-30 a young lady.

Miss Bourne – F 40-60 an older spinster. A teetotaller who carries a bird in a cage.

Teddy Deakin – M 35-50 a somewhat annoying square peg in a round hole. Or is he?

Julia Price – F 25-35 who enters as a damsel in distress halfway through the play, followed by

John Sterling – M 40s her doctor. Perhaps.

Jackson – M (or F) a police officer, enters only in the last 8 pages. This part probably played a crew member.


Rehearsals to begin 6 June TBC

Proposed to be mainly Monday and Thursday nights plus some Saturdays


Previews Mon Sept 16 curtain 7.30pm and Wed Sept 18 curtain 8.00pm

Opens Friday September 20, Closes Saturday Oct 12

Wed, Fri, Sat curtain 8.00pm

Sunday curtain 4.00pm


A British accent of some sort will be used for the characters so let’s hear what you have. If you aren’t sure come with RP (aka BBC English). Except for Saul who ought to sound West Country-ish.

No monologue is required. The audition will be scenes from the script. It is expected that anyone auditioning has read the entire play.

For a copy of the script, or more info, please contact the Director, Stephen Snars


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