The Cripple of Inishmaan.


Audition Date 9th March 2021

Performance Date 4 June – 26 June 2021

There is nothing quite like Martin McDonagh’s dialogue, and he defies pigeonholing as a playwright. Cripple of Inishmaan is without doubt a comedy, but laced with cruelty and a wonderful pen picture of a tiny Irish island community. The synopsis is deceptively simple:

On the island of Inishmaan, off the coast of Ireland, there is not that much to do. A young man named Billy, who is physically handicapped, wants to leave, as everyone there, even his aunts Kate and Eileen, calls him “Cripple Billy.” A Hollywood film crew shows up on the island, and Billy sees his chance to escape. He goes with the film crew to the United States, only to learn that it is not everything he dreamed it would be.

The play is very firmly set on the island of Inishmaan in 1934; so please bring your best Irish accent. 

Character descriptions:

  • Billy Claven (17-18), crippled orphan**
  • Kate Osbourne, (60+) Billy’s adoptive aunt (known to talk to stones)
  • Eileen Osbourne, (60+) Billy’s other adoptive aunt and Kate’s sister (is known to hide candy)
  • Johnnypateenmike, (60+) the town gossip
  • Helen McCormick, (17) a tough girl Billy has had a crush on for some time**
  • Bartley McCormick, (17) Helen’s brother (the village idiot)**
  • Babbybobby Bennett, (30+) a boatman whose wife died of tuberculosis
  • Doctor McSharry, 40+the town doctor
  • Mammy O’Dougal, Johnny’s alcoholic 90-year-old mother (is trying to drink herself dead)

**Please note that the roles of Billy, Helen and Bartley are open to adults who can channel their inner 1930’s Irish islander teenager)**. Please note that all auditionees must be 18+

As always, there is flexibility in the age ranges!

Please, please, please and please make sure you read the script before turning up for the audition!

Auditions will be 7:30pm for registration for an 8:00pm start. Auditionees will be divided into groups, given scenes from the play to rehearse for 10-15 minutes and then present on stage (warm reads?!). Auditionees who wish to present prepared pieces may do so, just make sure they are no longer than 2 minutes and it’s a comedy piece! Please note a prepared piece is definitely not a requirement.

I am also after crew, in particular a Stage Manage and Director’s Assistant/Assistant Stage Manager. Anyone interested in auditioning or crewing, please contact me on 0410 644 252 or by email on, scripts are available on request.