Audition Notice 

Audition Date:  October 23rd. Callbacks on the 30th if required. Doors open at 7:30pm


Performances: April 5 – 27, 2019.  No performance on Good Friday. 

Performances are Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun with previews on the 1st and 3rd of April. 


About the play:  This is the amateur premier of John Misto’s Dark Voyager.


Hollywood, 1962. Bette Davis and Joan Crawford are at war. Between them they’ve terrorised movie studios for over three decades, married nine husbands, made two hundred films and guzzled enough booze to fill the Hoover Dam.  Now their careers are on the skids and Bette and Joan are locked in a titanic struggle for top-billing on their latest movie. When America’s most feared columnist, Hedda Hopper, invites them to supper, they call an uneasy truce. But the evening turns chaotic when an unexpected guest arrives – Marilyn Monroe, drunk, drugged, disheveled, the face of “new” Hollywood. Soon Marilyn is drawn into the Davis-Crawford war, and what begins as a game becomes a battle for survival. Will old age and treachery defeat youth and courage? Or is there more to Marilyn Monroe than anyone could have guessed? 


Accents:  American, obviously.  Most important is the ability to capture the vocal quality and speech mannerisms of the iconic actors.


From the Director:  I’m auditioning early as the cast will need time to research and finesse their characters. This is no small task, not only bringing the physical essence of Bette, Joan and Marilyn (in particular) to the stage, but also capturing the emotion of the human beings behind the stars. These are real people, with real insecurities and vulnerabilities.  


If you are auditioning for Joan, Bette or Marilyn then I want to see that you understand them.  What makes them iconic? No cardboard cutouts and no “acting” please.


I strongly recommend that you read the script before auditioning. Contact me for a copy.


Characters:  There is a wealth of information about all the female characters online.  Remember it’s about convincing the audience, so if you think you can – then go for it!  Please don’t un-cast yourself, that’s my job (unfortunately)!


Bette Davis, (54):  An actor experiencing a lull in her career.

Joan Crawford,  (58):  An actor experiencing a lull in her career also.

Hedda Hopper, (70-):  A failed actor who has now become the most powerful columnist in the United States. NOTE:  Age can be a bit more flexible.

Marilyn Monroe, (36):  An actor with problems.

Skipper, (24):  A WAM (Waiter-Actor-Model). 


Contact:  Annette van Roden / p: 0417 267 675 / e:

Note: Castle Hill Players hold  6 auditions each year on a Tuesday night at the theatre. They are advertised two weeks prior on this website.