Entertaining Angels

Auditions:- Tuesday 20 April 7.30pm

Rehearsal Schedule:- Mondays and Thursdays 7.30 commencing May 3
Performances:- July 30 – August 21

Synopsis: Grace has spent a lifetime as a clergy wife on her best behavior. Now, after the death of her husband she’s enjoying doing and saying exactly
as she pleases. Her daughter tries to help her cope with her new life but the revelations from her missionary sister force her to confront the truth of her marriage. Full of witty lines this is a bitter sweet play of comedy and pathos.

All English
Grace: (late 50’s late 60’s) A somewhat grieving widow preparing to leave her home of several years. She covers her grief in what she considers witty retorts. Resents the life she spent as “the vicar’s wife”.

Ruth: (early 60’s – early 70’s) Grace’s sister and a missionary from Uganda. She has returned home to support her sister. Seems a tiny bit eccentric but is kind hearted with a hidden secret.

Jo. (late 20’s – late 30’s) Grace’s daughter. She is a psychotherapist and divorced. She is trying to assist her mother and the new vicar. She cares about her Aunt, Ruth.

Sarah ( 30’s) Is the new vicar. Married. She is eagerly looking forward to her new posting and seems practical but sometimes doubts her calling.

Bardy ( late 60’s – 70’s) Grace’s late husband appearing in Grace’s imagination or in memory. He seems to have hidden away from life in God and his religion. He understood Grace’s temperament but not her resentment. Loved his daughter and felt her pain during her divorce.

Director, Jennifer Willison can forward a copy of the script and audition pieces if you contact her on