A Few Good Men

by Aaron Sorkin

Directed by Annette van Roden

Performances 3 Feb to 25 Feb, 2023


When: Tuesday, 20 September, 2022 at 7:30pm (Doors open from 7:00pm) 

Where:  The Pavilion Theatre, Castle Hill Showground

Callbacks:  If required: date to be confirmed. 

Format:  Cold read from the script. If you’re feeling creative devise a military chant to inspire everyone at the audition.

Rehearsals:  Mon, Thu and Sat. Initially not everyone will be required at every rehearsal. A draft schedule will be available at the audition.

From the Director:  The play is based on true events that happened in Guantanamo Bay in the early 80’s where the Military is a law unto itself – their code is Unit. Corps. Country. God.  Each military character must embody this attitude with every fibre of their being, at all times – walking, talking, standing, sitting, breathing.  


There is only one women written into the play which is deliberate and illustrates the misogyny evident at the time. Having said that I think the roles of the Judge and MP’s etc. can be fluid. 


There is a wealth of information to be found about this play online.


Accents:  American accents that reflect years of military service. The characters all have different backgrounds so the accents can be varied.  



Readings will be from the play so please be very familiar with the script.

Appropriate Military haircuts/styles will be required of all actors for all performances and publicity photos.

Don’t un-cast yourself, call the director If you have any questions.

We highly encourage all actors to be fully vaccinated by the start of rehearsals.


CHARACTER LIST  – Ages are approximate.


Lt. J.g. Daniel A. Kaffee, Navy Lawyer, Attorney for the Defense  – 30

Lt. Col. Nathan Jessep, Marine, Commanding Officer, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba – 55

Lt. Cmdr. Joanne Galloway, Navy Lawyer, Special Investigator Internal Affairs – 30

LCpl. Harold W. Dawson, The Accused, Santiago’s Delta Squad Leader – 25 

Pfc. Louden Downey, Also Accused for Complicity and Conduct Unbecoming – 25

Capt. Matthew A. Markinson, Lieutenant Colonel at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base – 40

Lt. Jonathan James Kendrick, Marine, Executive Officer, Rifle Security Company Windward – 25

Lt. Jack Ross, Marine Lawyer, Judge Advocate for the Prosecution  – 35

Lt. j.g. Sam Weinberg, Navy Lawyer, Kaffee’s Co-Counsel  – 35

Capt. Isaac Whitaker, Navy Lawyer, Appellate Division – 40

Pfc. William Santiago, The Victim – 20

Cpl. Jeffrey Owen Howard, Marine Barracks Windward, Guantanamo Bay  – 25

Cmdr. Walter Stone, Navy, Internal Medicine Specialist, Guantanamo Bay – 50+

Capt. Julius Alexander Randolph, Marine, Court Martial Judge, Washington, D.C. – 55+  

Tom/Dave/Hammaker/Dunn/MPs/Sentry/Orderly – misc 


There will be at least 4 actors that will be playing multiple roles.


For a copy of the script or to ask any questions contact;


Annette van Roden / p: 0417 267 675 / e: