Audition Notice – Picasso at the Lapin Agile


To Jewell Johnson, in memorium – I hope we can do you proud!

Director – Dave Went

Steve Martin is one of the iconic comic film and stand-up talents of the last few generations, with a talent for absurdist and situation comedy. In Picasso at the Lapin Agile he takes his talents to the stage with an irreverent piece of theatre, happily breaking the 4th wall, the 5th wall and most other walls on the way! It features two of history’s giant figures in their respective spheres of art and science and a time travelling 20th century icon just to mix things up! These characters bump up against a practical group of Parisians in a wonderful series of commentaries on life, the universe and…everything? This play is a wonderful ensemble piece hat should be a lot of fun!


The play notes say: A bar in Paris, 1904. One year later, Albert Einstein published the special theory of relativity. Three years later, Pablo Picasso painted Les Demoiselles d’Avignon.

Roles Available

  • Freddy, the owner and bartender of the Lapin Agile (30-50),
  • Gaston, an older man (50+)
  • Germaine, waitress and Freddy’s girlfriend (30-50)
  • Albert Einstein, age 20-30 (plays 25*)
  • Suzanne, age 18-25 (plays 19*)
  • Sagot, Picasso’s art dealer (could be male or female 30+)
  • Pablo Picasso, age 20-30 (plays 23*)
  • Charles Dabernow Schmendiman, a young man (20-40)
  • The countess/A female admirer – double up roles? (20-40)
  • A visitor (Elvis!), age 20-40

As always, there is flexibility in age ranges, although please note*, Einstein, Suzanne and Picasso must all be believable for the bracketed ages.

Don’t sweat about accents, this is something we can have fun with. The only role that needs a specific accent is ‘a visitor’ (Elvis).

Please, please, please (and please!) make sure you read the script before turning up for the audition!  Scripts are available on request

Auditions will be 7:30pm for registration for an 8:00pm start. Auditionees will be divided into groups, given scenes from the play to rehearse for 10-15 minutes and then present on stage (warm reads?!). Auditionees who wish to present prepared pieces may do so, just make sure they are comedy pieces! Please note a prepared piece is definitely not a requirement.

Call-backs (if needed) will be Tuesday, 23 August 2022

We may indulge in some theatre sports! Never fear, they will not be designed to stress!

I am also after a costume designer, volunteers welcome.


All enquiries, please contact me by email on, or by SMS on 0410 644 252, quoting your name and ‘Picasso’. Please note I don’t answer unidentified telephone numbers .

Look forward to seeing you!