Audition: Earth and Sky

(May 13 to Jun 4)

Written By: Douglas Post 

Director: Faith Jessel 


When: Tuesday 8 February 2022, 7:30pm check in for 8pm start  


A Callback may be held at a later date. 


What it’s all about

Ever wanted to be in a Humphrey Bogart film looking oh so fine sporting a fedora, slinky gown or trench coat? This fascinating, fast paced thriller will be presented as glorious full blown noir. Street lamps, smoking guns. The works. The men will look razor sharp. The women, ultra glam. 


Originally a 1 Act  play of 27 heart stopping scenes (yes, you read that correctly), I’ll be splitting it into 2 Acts and opening it up with music and movement. 


Please read the play thoroughly before auditioning. It’s full of plot twists, reverse timelines and lies that you really need to understand to make head or tail the characters. 



Ages are a rough guide only. If you can get away with being older or younger, go for it. Every single character is beautifully written, and has their moment/s with Sara. 


3 amazing female roles 

Sara:  20s – 30s. Our leading lady and protagonist. On stage for almost the entire play so she must be great at learning and delivering lines. An actress’s dream role. She’s smart, romantic, and dangerously, sometimes naively, bullheaded. Every man wants her for the right, and wrong, reasons. 


Joyce: Any age. Sara’s colleague at the library, but far more than she lets on. A tough cookie with her heart in the right place. . She has a fabulous scene that almost steals the show. You’ll have fun with this character 


Marie : 20s to 30s. A shady, charismatic,  femme fatale and David’s former lover. A survivor with a sketchy history and motivation. Must match David in some way. Will double as a cameo. 


6 amazing male roles  

Detective Weber: 40s up. Jaded and weary with a sardonic sense of humour. While he is as sharp as tack, if he could just give a damn he could be so much more. Has all the best lines with a brilliant story arc. 


Detective Kersnowski: 30s up. 

Weber’s kinder, more optimistic second with sidekick tendencies. Has some very humorous moments so  needs great comic timing. Food motivated. 


David: late 20s to early 40s. Sara’s lover of 10 weeks. A compelling,handsome and romantic man of mystery. Needs to teeter on the edge of did he or didn’t he? Must match Sara and Marie with age/chemistry. 


Billy: Any age but needs platonic or romantic chemistry with Sara. The quietly observant and charming owner and resident philosopher of Billy’s Bar and Grill who gets lured into the plot and residual seediness. 


Gatz: Any age. Henchman 1. Deliciously scary and unpredictable. He could explode into violence at any moment.  A beautiful baddie.Will double as a cameo. 


Eisenstadt: Any age. Henchman 2. Weedy, intellectual and very very dangerous. Has a knock out scene with Sara just before interval. Will double as a cameo. 


But WAIT – there’s more!!  


Want to be in this play but don’t like learning lines? 

I need an array of extra cameos with a distinct character (that are not listed in the script) who will add flavour in the form of atmospheric background action and red herrings while also performing stylised movement and set changes: Nightclub singer, cigarette girl, bellhop, copy girl, cigarette smoking man. 

You’ll be needed for a lot of the rehearsal  process as timing is crucial. You  will be busy! Please come along and watch the audition and to register your interest on the night. You won’t have to audition for these parts but I’ll need full commitment. 


What the audition will look like:  Open audition 

We will have fun with different character combinations and readings throughout the night. I’ll put you into pairs to have some practice and warm up. You’ll have a first read on the stage and then I might  give you some feedback to see how you respond to direction before a possible second read. 


What I’m looking for: 

Think 1940s Hollywood B&W gangster / thriller. Watch some films like The Third Man, The Maltese Falcon or The Big Sleep for ideas.Do some research and bring strong choices with your character’s history and motivation.   Think of your audition as a chemistry test. Perform with tension and pace. Experiment with your voice and body language. Some characters and scenes scream “baddie” or cliche. Play with it. Let go. Surprise me. 


Accent: some kind of American (not southern) or Chicago gangster. Don’t worry if this isn’t a strength. This stuff takes time. Have a go on the night and we will get you there during rehearsals if you are cast. 


Contact or 0405 640 843 for a copy of the play. Feel free to call me for a chat and to answer any questions.  Let’s have some fun!