Audition: Appleton Ladies’ Potato Race

Appleton Ladies’ Potato Race

Written by Melanie Tait.

Directed by Bernard Teuben      

Audition Date Tuesday 31st May

7pm for a 7:30 start – The Pavilion Theatre, Castle Hill Showground

Key Production Dates

First Read – 20 June

Bump in – 21 August

Opening Night – 23 September

Closing Night – 15 October

Bump Out 16th October


Appleton – a quintessential Australian country town where men are real men, women are real women … and vegetables are not used in cake. But things are changing. City slickers, tree changers and refugees are moving in. Appleton might just have to face the new century but simmering tensions are about to boil over.

Prodigal daughter Penny has returned from the big smoke. Appleton’s annual Potato Race has never been something she cared about, until she discovers that the men’s prize is five times more than the women’s. Now she does care! The townsfolk are about to get a lesson in gender parity … and Penny is going to get a lesson in history.

A sparkling comedy about change and how we see our future.



Bev Armstrong 60 – 75

Appleton show society President

Barb Ling 60-75

Appleton Show Society Secretary and aunt to Penny and Nikki

Rania Hamid 30-45

Artist, Appleton Ladies’ Potato Race Champion and new to Appleton

Nikki Armstrong 38-45

Appleton Ladies’ Potato Race Champion and hairdresser.

Penny Anderson 38-45

GP Returning to Appleton, we first see her on first day in a new surgery. In her old home town after a log time away.


Please get a copy of the script and read the play prior to the audition. We will be using parts of the script for the auditions. I can be contacted on or ph 0419 265 385

Bernard Teuben