A Few Good Men

By Aaron Sorkin

Directed by Annette van Roden

3 Feb – 25 Feb

Aaron Sorkin’s ground-breaking debut play, later adapted into the 1992 Academy Award nominated film of the same name, was inspired by actual events that took place at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in July 1986.

This Broadway hit tells the story of two military lawyers – one callow and unmotivated, the other impassioned and driven – assigned to represent two United States Marines accused of Conspiracy to Commit Murder of a fellow Marine. In the course of defending their clients, the lawyers uncover a high-level conspiracy designed to eliminate weaker soldiers in the name of patriotism.

A Few Good Men considers the idea that a Marine’s private code of unquestioning loyalty to “Unit, Corps, God, Country”, breeds a dark flipside of self-righteousness.

The title came from the U.S. Marine Corps recruitment campaign, “We’re looking for a few good men”. The play explores and exposes what it means to truly be a “good man” in the United States Military.

Annette, the director, talks about what drew her to this play.

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