33 Variations

By Moises Kaufman

Directed by Jennifer Willison

2 Jun – 24 Jun


A musical mystery, a meditation on mortality, an exploration of motherhood and a reflection on the power of art to illuminate. 33 Variations is about one woman’s passion for knowledge and one man’s passion for creation.

Katherine, a terminally ill musicologist, is driven to understand why composer, Ludwig van Beethoven, chose to spend precious years composing thirty three variations based on a mediocre waltz written by a lesser talent.

Why was Beethoven driven to complete these musical pieces whilst in declining health and facing almost total deafness?

As we join both these characters on their parallel journeys, scenes interweave between present day and the early 1800s. Wonderfully compelling and extremely rich in wit, pathos, warmth and music.


“33 Variations plays like a beautiful piano concerto full of intrigue, whimsy, and heart”

The 4th Wall Reviews

“this production by Castle Hill Players is directed with precision and clarity, eliciting performances that are nuanced, graceful and connected”

Sydney Theatre Reviews

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