Audition Notice


By Terence Rattigan


Audition:             Tuesday 20 February

                               7.30pm for 8pm start


The play:             This classic Rattigan play takes place in late Edwardian London. When young Ronnie Winslow is accused of stealing and expelled from school, his family’s lives are changed forever as his father takes the matter to court. Every role is well written and important to the story. As the play covers a span of two years, the interesting challenge is in portraying each character’s development. So please try to read the script before the audition!




Ronnie Winslow:          A bright boy, 13 years of age at the beginning of the play. The youngest in the family, which makes him the favourite. Although the case his focused on Ronnie, he seems unbothered by his father and sister’s efforts once he starts at a new school.


Violet:                               An orphan maid who has been with the WInslows for twenty four years. Though she doesn’t have the expected “refinement” required of her, Violet is very much part of the family and happily gives her opinion, whether asked for or not.


Arthur Winslow:           The head of the family, nearly sixty years old and a retired banker. He is a proud man who believes his son is innocent and has no hesitation in fighting to clear Ronnie’s name. Arthur suffers with arthritis and gout which increasingly worsens. However, his need to prove Ronnie’s innocence supersedes everything.


Grace Winslow:             Arthur’s wife and mother to Grace, Dickie and Ronnie. Grace is less interested in fighting the case and tries to maintain a sense of normality in the home. She loves all her children and doesn’t like the affect the case is having on the family.


Dickie Winslow:            The Winslow’s eldest son who is studying at Oxford but is more interested in his social life. He gets on well with his sister but feels that Ronnie is the favourite son.


Catherine Winslow:     The eldest Winslow child, nearing 30 years old. She is a staunch believer in women’s rights and is unafraid to speak her mind. Catherine is close to her father and is eager to pursue the case because of her concern for justice and human rights.


John Watherstone:     An army officer, about thirty years old and engaged to Catherine. John’s father disapproves of the match and although John seems strong enough to stand up to his father, his defiance doesn’t last.


Desmond Curry:           A lawyer in his mid-forties. Desmond used to be a star cricket player and has been in love with Catherine for many years. He is essentially a decent man, if a little bit boring.


Miss Barnes:                  A newspaper reporter who is more interested in the house furnishings than the Winslow case. A modern, liberated woman.


Sir Robert Morton:      A celebrated barrister who represents Ronnie in the case. In his forties, Sir Robert is an intimidating man who has a strong, unemotional presence.


All characters have English accents. Violet has a cockney accent.


This play has been on the GCSE list in England so there are quite a few study lists you can google if the above isn’t enough help.


Rehearsals will be on Monday and Thursday evenings.


Performances are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday matinees in June.

Previews: May 28 and 30. Opening night: June 1. Closing night: June 23.


For audition scripts, please contact the director, Jennifer Willison, at












Note: Castle Hill Players hold  6 auditions each year on a Tuesday night at the theatre. They are advertised two weeks prior on this website.