Boeing Boeing

Welcome Aboard Flight 16P5     Your Director is Stephen Snars

Your Audition will commence:  Tuesday 14 June at 8.00pm

Please arrive at the Pavilion Theatre foyer 30 minutes prior to departure


Performance Run:  Friday September 23 to Saturday October 15


A farce!  1960’s Paris.  A nice apartment.  Two men.  Three air hostesses.  An ever suffering housemaid.  Lots of doors.  Need I say more?


CHARACTERS:   (ages a rough guide only)

Bernard 30 to 40.  French, an Architect.  Smooth, charming.  Has 3 fiances!?!  He is relaxed and in control until la merde hits the turbofan.

Robert 30 to 40.  French, an olive oil manufacturer from Provence. Went to school with Bernard.   Slightly naïve but a fast learner.

Bertha 30 to 60.  French or English perhaps??  The ever suffering domestic servant.

Janet 20 to 30.  (TWA) Delightful.  Down to earth. Pours molasses on things.

Judith 20 to 30.  (Lufthansa)  Forthright.  Quirky. Sauerkraut and frankfurters.

Jacqueline 20 to 30. (Air France)  Cute.  Flighty. Likes a nice casserole.

All roles will be needing actors with a strong understanding of farce and physical comedy. You will need to show a bit of an accent (or two).  An ability to have fun while demonstrating those things is a given.

The audition will be readings from the script.  No monologues to prepare but if you wish to open with a really quick politically incorrect joke that is up to you.

For more information or copies of the script contact the director.

Chocks away!

Stephen Snars

Email:    Mobile:  0400 832 836

Note: Castle Hill Players hold  6 auditions each year on a Tuesday night at the theatre. They are advertised two weeks prior on this website.