A Bad Year For Tomatoes
Tuesday 21 July 2015

Theatre open from 7.30pm for an 8pm start

This fun and quite ridiculous comedy (early 1970s) has a cast of 4 women and 3 men, all 7 actors need great comic timing and a sense of fun!

For audition purposes we will be working from the script and some improvisation. For a copy of the script please contact me (Meredith) on 0402 645 808.

The play is set in Beaver Haven where the famous television actress Myra Marlowe has rented a cottage she hopes will be a private sanctuary where she can write her memoirs. Myra finds she has several nosey neighbours and a local woodsman who are too frequent visitors and contrives a ‘Sister Sadie’ (Myra in a fright wig!) to scare them away.

Needless to say a series of comic events and crazy characters combine to climax in a near murder and the Sheriff has to be called in to bring order back to Beaver Haven.

In short it is a lot of high energy, eccentric, colourful characters getting into silly situations. If we get it right . . . . . We will enjoy a lot of laughs both in rehearsal and in performance.

ACCENTS: The play is set in Canada however I am keeping an open mind about where exactly I will set the play. I am more interested in 7 fearless comics than any particular accent although it does lend itself to either an American or an English accent so bring your best accents and we’ll try them out.

The Characters are:

Myra Marlowe
Famous television actress, age anywhere between 45 to 65. She embodies TV good looks, good health, and good will.

Tom Lamont – Myra’s agent. He is charming and handsome with a dry sense of humour. Age a few years younger than Myra.

Cora Gump – a ‘friendly’ neighbour in Beaver Haven. Sensationalist gossip. Age irrelevant.

Reba Harper – another ‘friendly’ neighbour. Sensationalist gossip. Age irrelevant.

Piney – Preferably very tall bloke, of dubious odour and somewhat lacking in social skills, Piney is the local odd job man who sells manure and firewood. He takes a shine to ‘Sister Sadie’. Age irrelevant.

Will Mae Wilson – Another local and just little bit more eccentric than Reba and Cora. Age irrelevant.

Sheriff – arrives toward the end of the play in order to bring order to the craziness. Age irrelevant.



Note: Castle Hill Players hold  6 auditions each year on a Tuesday night at the theatre. They are advertised two weeks prior on this website.


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