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by Mary Chase,

is the story of a perfect gentleman, Elwood P. Dowd, and his best friend, Harvey – a six-foot tall, invisible rabbit. (If it sounds familiar to you, you’re probably old enough to remember the film with James Stewart. For a quick view – google Jim Parsons in Harvey on Broadway)


When Elwood begins introducing Harvey around town, his embarrassed sister Veta Louise and her outraged daughter, Myrtle Mae, decide to commit Elwood to a sanatorium. Problems arise, however, when Veta herself is mistakenly assumed to be on the verge of lunacy and is committed instead of Elwood! Eventually, the mistake is realized, and a frantic search begins. When Elwood shows up at the sanatorium looking for Harvey it seems that the mild-mannered Elwood’s delusion has had a strange influence on more than one of the doctors. Only at the last minute does Veta realise she prefers life with Harvey than without.


This comedy requires actors with excellent comic timing, physical agility, and a resolute commitment to having lines learnt early because the best comedy only comes when the books are out of your hands!



21 November, doors open from 7.30pm to commence at 8pm

Please prepare a short (no more than 2 minute) monologue in an American accent. No need to learn the lines but be familiar with the text please. We will also work from the script.

I recommend you read the script before the audition to prepare as it is not the easiest script to follow (given the titular character is invisible).

Please remember ages are indicative only and relative to each other. IMPORTANT I am very happy to be convinced you are the right person for the role regardless of your own age!



Myrtle Mae Simmons (18 – 22)

Elwood’s niece. Myrtle Mae is a well-mannered young lady keen to build her social standing and find a husband. She is very frustrated by her Uncle Elwood and Harvey who she believes make it impossible for her to find friends and suitors.


Veta Louise Simmons (40+)

Elwood’s sister. Believes herself to be ‘long suffering’ in terms of living with Elwood and Harvey, and at the beginning of the play reaches the end of her tether making the decision to have Elwood committed. Veta is ultimately trying to do the best by her daughter, find Myrtle Mae a husband, keep up with the Joneses and maintain the family name! Frankly . . . . .  she is really just a bit exhausted by it all. Oh and she is the only other person to have seen Harvey!


Elwood P. Dowd (45+)

A man about 47 years old with a dignified bearing and a dreamy expression in his eyes. He is frequently serious to the point of gravity and yet the lightness of his step is a better indicator of his general agreeableness. Elwood is utterly delightful. (Must have excellent mime ability i.e. you must be able to see the invisible)


Mrs Ethel Chauvenet (60+)

Elwood’s Aunt – she is that bosomy, know it all, dressed with the casual sumptuousness of a wealthy Western society woman in silver, gold, plush and mink even though it is a spring day. Mrs Chauvenet is the pompous old Aunt who thinks the world of Elwood until he introduces Harvey to her.


Ruth Kelly R.N. (23+)

Ruth, Head nurse at Chumley’s Rest, is a very pretty young woman of about twenty-four. She is sweetness personified and utterly dedicated to her doctor work.


Duane Wilson (25+)

He is the sanatorium orderly who comes across as more of a ‘strongarm’. A burly attendant who is not the ‘sharpest tool in the shed’ and who takes his work very seriously. He is also very impressed by Dr Chumley.


Lyman Sanderson M.D. (26+)

Sanderson is a good looking young doctor of about 27. Assured of both his medical abilities and the devotion of his nurse, he goes about locking up Veta without hesitation.


William R. Chumley M.D. (55+)

Owner and chief doctor at the Sanatorium. An older handsome man of about 57. He is very well groomed and smartly dressed. His manner is confident, pompous and lordly. He is good and he knows it.


Betty Chumley (50+)

Dr Chumley’s wife. Betty is a good natured, friendly woman with a bustling way about her. She is kind, has a sense of humour and is always looking to be helpful.


Judge Omar Gaffney (60+)

An elderly gentlemen who gets caught up in all the craziness much to his distaste. For the most part he wants what is ‘right’ however, he enters the story at the height of the craziness and must work through the various renditions of the story before it is too late.


E.J. Lofgren (45+)

A very wise taxi driver.


If you would like a copy of the script or have any questions please contact me on 0402 645 808 or email


FYI – Rehearsals

The intention is to audition 21 November, have a reading, possibly a basic blocking rehearsal and then send the cast away to learn lines over the summer break with rehearsals commencing in earnest at the end of January early February 2017.

Thanks, Meredith


Note: Castle Hill Players hold  6 auditions each year on a Tuesday night at the theatre. They are advertised two weeks prior on this website.