Audition Notice

Ladies Lavender

by Shaun McKenna
Director Meredith Jacobs

Date: 23 May, 2017
Time: arrive 7:30pm for 8:00pm start



About the show

Don’t PANIC! This does not mean we will be rehearsing for five months . . .. it is simply that two of the actors cast in the play will need to learn to mime playing the violin . . . unless of course a brilliant young actor turns up who just happens to play the fiddle! I want to give them as much time as possible to practice prior to commencing rehearsals.

‘Ladies in Lavender’ is a bittersweet story about falling in love and sometimes having your heart broken. All is not romantic heartbreak however, there is a marvelous wise-cracking housekeeper, (a scene-stealer if ever one was written), two elderly spinster sisters who are witty, warm, sharp and naive. The local widowed Doctor, a visiting artist from Europe and a stranger, a young man washed up on the beach after a storm filled night with no English and a precious talent.

When the sisters take the injured young man in to their home to recover they have no way of knowing he is a budding virtuosos violionist or, that the mysterious painter from somewhere in Europe will be the key to his musical success.

Yes, you have heard the name, it was a film with Judi Dench and Maggie Smith and was produced at the Ensemble Theatre a few years back. It is a play about humans being . . . well . . . very human, all curious, vulnerable, brave and caring; sisters, neighbors, strangers.

The CastEnglish accents unless noted otherwise
The ages are all relative i.e. if Andrea is 18 Olga would be approx. 26, the sisters need to be of sisterly age but that can be anywhere between 65 – 85! What I need are the best people for the roles!

Janet Widdington – 65+ One of the spinster sisters, did have a gentlemen friend who died in the War. Upright, well mannered, practical, articulate, intelligent, sharp, caring, stern

Ursula Widdington – Janet’s sister 65+, has never been in love. Very innocent, caring, considerate, kind, gentle, soft

Dorcas – Housekeeper 48+ could be any age, wisecracker, no nonsense, knowing, funny, mischevious, protective, loyal

Andrea Marowski – 18 – 30 Polish with heavily accented broken English, young man who is discovered on the beach, plays virtuoso violin, gentle, considerate, funny, naughty, eager, ambitious, grateful.

Dr Mead – 55+, town doctor whom the sisters have known for decades. Longtime friend, widow, kind, bit pompous, plays violin, enjoys socializing, likes a chat, typical town doctor

Olga Danilof – 30ish Not English will need some sort of European accent, visiting England on a painting trip, European in the sense of being a bit exotic and unusual. Has a mysterious quality whilst still being friendly.

The Audtion
Please prepare a short monologue to be performed with an English accent – no more than 2 minutes. The accent needs to be Queens English, no cockney, no Liverpool. The play is set in Cornwall and whilst I am not going to be that particular the accent needs to have a good generic Englishness to it.

We will also read from the script.

The Rehearsal Schedule
The intention is to cast in May have a read through shortly after the audition and then commence rehearsals end June beginning July depending on the cast’s commitments. This allows plenty of time to learn lines before rehearsals commence.

Should you have any inquiries or want to read the script prior to the audition please let me know. I can be contacted on 0402 645 808 and
Thanks and cheerio, Meredith Jacobs


Note: Castle Hill Players hold  6 auditions each year on a Tuesday night at the theatre. They are advertised two weeks prior on this website.