‘4000 Miles’

by Amy Herzog Dramedy.

“A funny, moving, altogether wonderful drama. . . A heartening reminder that a keen focus on life’s small moments can pay off in a big way onstage.” – The New York Times

Obie Award for Best New American Play 2012 & Pulitzer Prize Finalist 2013

Twenty something Leo’s cross-country bike trip ends when he arrives unannounced at 3 a.m. outside the door of his feisty grandmother Vera’s West Village apartment. Why now? Eco-environmentalist Leo doesn’t have a cell phone, Vera has yet to join the computer revolution, and over the course of a single month these temporary roommates amuse, infuriate and bewilder as two generations discover they have much more in common than the Facebook culture suggests.

November 11 at the Pavilion Theatre. 7:30pm registration for 8:00pm start. *

Be prepared to do a 3 minute monologue of your choice and do some work from the script.

The play takes place in Greenwich Village – maybe 2009 in Vera’s spacious rent controlled apartment. This play runs 90min+ and has no interval.

American accent. Vera may be ‘neutral’ accent, as per the other characters, or subtle Manhattan edge. Leo and Bec will have Midwest neutrality in their speech, much like average American film and television. While ‘accent’ is important, the melody and word emphasis within the sentence structure will be addressed throughout rehearsals as it is critical in communicating intended meaning.

The actress who performed Vera on Broadway was 81 years old. This is an opportunity for our older actresses to sink their experienced teeth into this leading role. If you have not let yourself go gray- you will need to “go gray” for the month prior to and the run of the play? For somewhat younger actresses who insist on being considered for this role- going temporarily gray at the hairdressers will be required, but have no fear- we will make sure the hairdresser is ready and waiting for you with an after bump-out appointment! Yes this will be covered by our costume budget.

Vera 91 years old (the actress on Broadway was 81 when she performed this role). She is frail, yet feisty. She and her deceased husband were political activists and NY Intellectuals. She still has a rotary phone and has not hooked up the computer she has been given.

Leo 21 years old. Must look believably fit enough to cycle across America. An athletic, environmentalist who does not have a mobile phone.

Bec 21 years old. Must look believable as fit enough to cycle across America. Athletic, eco-activist, travelled and helped in Third World communities in South America, Africa and India.

Amanda/Lily 20 something, chic young Chinese-American design student.

Dates: Alas, this amazing opportunity means no Easter Holidays next year for anyone involved with this production. Leo and Vera’s rehearsal schedule will be 2 weeknights and 1 weekend rehearsal time TBD. Bec and Amanda will be needed 1-2 rehearsals a week, varying throughout with full cast 3 rehearsals a week as we get closer to opening.

PREVIEW: Easter Monday, April 6 Charity Preview: April 8 OPENING NIGHT: Friday, April 10 Wed, Fri, Sat 8:15 & Sun. 4:30 Closing Sat. May 2, 2015

Email: Jewell at with your interest, questions, and requests prior to November 11. * If it is impossible to make Nov 11 audition please contact me by email. Call backs will be Nov. 18. Thank you. 


Note: Castle Hill Players hold  7 auditions each year on a Tuesday night at the theatre. They are advertised two weeks prior on this website.

To find out about upcoming auditions email

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