Audition Notice

– one body!

by Charles Dyer
Director Dave Went
Date: 22 August, 2017
Time: arrive 7:30pm for 8:00pm start

‘Wanted one Body’ is a pure romp through the classic genre of murder mystery whodunnits. It revels in all the stock devices, ear-splitting thunder and dazzling lightning, howling dogs, hooting owls, secret sliding panels, coffins, wills, suits of armour and a cast of characters all with adequate motivation to supply a steady stream of (disappearing) dead bodies!

The play relies on ensemble playing, pace and energy and will present a great challenge for an ensemble cast to have fun in an instantly recognisable genre. Most importantly, it is a comedy, using straight playing to provide the set-up for a constant stream of gags and hilarious situations.

The characters are all English and the current intention is to set the play in the late 1950’s/early 1960’s. And the characters are:

Miss Barraclough (40+), this is a dual role (Faith & Hope – near identical sisters) and is an opportunity to play two different flavours of evil domineering, scheming ladies of the manor.
Mabel Biddy (18-40). Classic ditzy English maid, ‘nuff said!
Anne Beale (20-40) Miss Barracloughs secretary, attractive and engaged to:
Ted Johnson (20-40) Rough and somewhat sinister chauffeur.
Mr Blundell (50+) Visiting solicitor who turns sleuth once the murders start, uncle to:
Mr Mickleby (20-40) a perpetually terrified and hapless comic relief
Agnes (30+) North country upstairs/downstairs style cook.
Dr Brown (50+) Bizarre half blind, half deaf family Doctor with a very strange accent (almost but not quite entirely unlike German!)
Mr Sorrell (30+) Classic sepulchral undertaker with an eye out constantly for future business.

Please note that the age ranges given are ideals and some of the male characters could be cast as female (in particular; Mr Blundell, Mr Sorell and Dr Brown).

Auditions will be 7:30pm for registration for an 8:00pm start.

Auditionees will be divided into groups, given scenes from the play to rehearse for 10-15 minutes and then present on stage (warm reads?!). Auditionees who wish to present prepared pieces may do so, just make sure they are comedy pieces! Please note a prepared piece is definitely not a requirement.

I am also after crew, in particular, a Stage Manager and Director’s Assistant/Assistant Stage Manager. Anyone interested in auditioning or crewing, please contact me on 0410 644 252 or by email on, scripts are available on request.



Note: Castle Hill Players hold  6 auditions each year on a Tuesday night at the theatre. They are advertised two weeks prior on this website.