Death By Chocolate

By Paul Freed.


Audition Date/Time: Tuesday 11th March 2014

7pm for a 7.30pm start

 Audition Venue: Pavilion Theatre, Doran Drive, Castle Hill

Director: Bernard Teuben


Rehearsals   Two nights per week with some Saturdays/Sundays

Previews:  Monday 16th June 2014 and (Charity Night) Wednesday 18 June 2014


Opening:  Friday 20 June 2014

Closes: Saturday 12 July 2014


After the unfortunate suicide of its esteemed owner The Meadowbrook Health Resort becomes the property of Lady Riverdale, whose other business venture is an exclusive chocolate factory.

A spectacular reopening is planned and an extraordinary group of new staff is employed, including an ex-celebrity TV chef, a wise-cracking manager and a blackmailing gym supervisor. Unfortunately something is amiss at Meadowbrook and before it can even reopen its doors the staff start dropping dead.

Can the remaining staff find the murderer in their midst? Can they avoid eating the chocolates … or will the resort’s new motto become “Get healthy or die trying”?

A rollicking whodunnit – like a sampler box of Agatha Christie, Willy Wonka and Mel Brooks with a nutty, creamy, nougat centre!



LADY RIVERDALE – owner of Lady Riverdale Chocolates, Inc. and the new owner of the Meadowbrook Health Resort. She is the pompous, high society type except when occasionally required to use a “viscious street shrewdness” to survive.
DYSLEXIA – Lady Riverdale’s assistant and long-suffering secretary.
JOHN STONE – the new manager of the Meadowbrook Health Resort (and how he got there, no one knows). He is quick-witted and finds almost everything absurd (a basic cynical sort of person).
RALPH DEADWOOD – the Gym Manager and all-around cad. Knowing all about Lady Riverdale’s past, he has used that knowledge to get whatever he can from her.
MARGARET DANIELS – a very attractive woman who is trying to write a feature story on the resort for a leading gossip magazine.
ALFRED MELLOX – he is in charge of the janitorial staff and maintenance for the resort (a position given to him only because he was the trusted companion of the late Henry Meadowbrook). He is very stiff, rigid, and typical “butler-type” with a clipped British accent.
EDITH CHILES – the Head Chef. She is a rather large, buxom sort of woman with a jovial personality and New England Matronly manners (whatever that means).
“SWEET PEA” MEADOWBROOK – daughter of the late Henry meadowbrook. Extremely overweight, she seems to be trying to eat herself to death because of the trauma of losing her father. Her mouth is always full of food and no one can understand her without the help of Alfred Mellow.
DICK SIMMERING – the Aerobics Instructor. Always garbed in a jogging outfit, he is a bright, hyperactive, effeminate person.
ANNE – the resort nurse who tends to panic at the slightest injury.
ED PARLOR – guest of Lady Riverdale’s, he is a writer with a cheery disposition and enjoys the opportunity to try and solve the mysterious deaths by chocolate.
HENRY MEADOWBROOK – the founder of the Meadowbrook Health Resort, he is never seen since he dies in the opening moments of the play.


The audition will involve some improvisation work and readings from the play. Please contact Bernard Teuben on 0419 265 385 or email , expression of interest and/or any further information regarding the production.



Note: Castle Hill Players hold  7 auditions each year on a Tuesday night at the theatre. They are advertised two weeks prior on this website.

To find out about upcoming auditions email

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