Treasure Island

Tuesday 13th October 2015
Theatre open from 7.30pm for an 8pm start.
‘Treasure Island’ is a “big cast” action adventure story with 12 (twelve) actors (10m 2f*) needed who can play swashbucking 18th century pirates with a rogue-ish edge, who can move with agile confidence and be up for some serious cutlass wielding action.
Adaption of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic is by Ken Ludwig, so beautifully written and vividly poetic, with plenty of humour. it is also quite moving requiring emotional depth of character in acting abilities from all, especially between Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins who are the most famous characters in the story.
* Girls will be considered for roles as pirates as well as Jim Hawkins. So please audition!!
For audition purposes we will be working from the script. For a copy of the script please contact me (Jeremy) on 0417517248.
The play is set in England / on board the Hispaniola / Treasure Isand in the West Indies 1774.
The plot is about a famous treasure map that falls into the hands of Jim Hawkins leading to a high seas adventure between a crew of cut throat pirates and the well meaning friends and comrades to Jim Hawkins, Dr Livesey, and lovable boob, Squire Trelawney. With the exception of Jim and LJS all actors double characters between playing civilians and pirates.

Accents: English/cockney/Pirate.

The Characters are:

Jim Hawkins – Central character 14 years old through whose eyes the story unfolds. Smart, trusting, impeccably honest, and brave.
Jim’s father/Long John Silver – Great hero/villain in LJS. Commanding presence. Mischievous, with a poetic gift of the gab. Older actor, and will consider all ages.
Dr Livesey/Capt Flint – Kindly and good Dr Livesley and evil Capt Flint. Versatile character actor. Age irrelevant.
Squire Trelawney/ Bailliff/Job O’Brien – Versatile chacater actor for both skulldugerous pirate and lovable oaf,Squire Trelawney. Age irrelevant.
Captain Smollett/Black Dog – Arch Villain BD and upright sea captain Smollett. Age irrelevant
Reverend Mainwaring/Jemmy Rathbone/Ben Gunn/Josiah Bland – Versatile physical character actor with comic streak for both pirates and ‘cheese addicted’ hermit, Ben Gunn. Age irrelevant.
Jim’s Mother/Anne Bonney – Tender mother and fieresome fiesty female pirate, AB. Age 30’s-40’s
Justice Death – Physical character actor, Mischievous, rascal, the mind of a fence post. Age irrelevant.
Baillif’s son/Israel Hands/Blind Pew/Calico Jack – Physical character actor with great presence. Age irrelevant but good at climbing rope ladders with a knife in the mouth.
George Merry – Greedy bastard. Follows wherever the smell of treasure leads. Physical actor. Age irrelevant.
Boy with Barrow/Ezekiel Hazard/Tom Morgan/Cut Purse – Character versatility. Physical agility. Young actor
Bristol Sailor/Billy Bones – Strong, mature actor with great presence for sage and wily Billy Bones.

Note: Castle Hill Players hold  6 auditions each year on a Tuesday night at the theatre. They are advertised two weeks prior on this website.